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Established in 1999, National Computer World stands as a premier ICT company in Nepal, specializing in the distribution and supply of cutting-edge products from globally renowned brands. As an authorized national distributor for Hikvision, we pride ourselves on being a trusted source for high-quality CCTV security solutions. Our comprehensive product range includes ICT products, security surveillance systems, wireless networking products, EPABX systems, advanced biometric and RFID solutions, and more. Elevate your security standards with our Hikvision Authorized Distributor status, ensuring top-notch CCTV security for your peace of mind. Explore our offerings and experience excellence in technological solutions.



As an authorized distributor, we specialize in distributing top-notch brand systems, featuring Division, Antec, and other leading global brands. Elevate your security with our focus on being a Hikvision Authorized Distributor, ensuring premier CCTV security solutions. Explore our range for cutting-edge products and unparalleled security expertise.

Setting up of New systems

We offer comprehensive support to clients in setting up new systems or upgrading their existing infrastructure. Our services include specialized training sessions for client staff, ensuring they are proficient in the setup and troubleshooting of the new systems. Enhance your team’s proficiency with our tailored training sessions, facilitating a seamless transition to and efficient operation of the upgraded systems.

IT Consultants

Engaged to collaborate with industrial and commercial clients seeking guidance and solutions for business and IT challenges. Enhance your business operations with our expert advice and support.
Janak Nepal
Janak Nepal
Original products at reasonable price. You won't regret to shop there.
Alen Tamrakar
Alen Tamrakar
For all your requirements of CCTV AND security system
Sanjan Sharma
Sanjan Sharma
A minute walk from New Road gate just beside Laxmi Bank . It's on the 1st floor with a sign board outside . Service is fine . No access to parking even for 2 wheelers .
Chakran Nakarmi
Chakran Nakarmi
I have been visiting this place for more than a decade for any IT related solutions. The employee are friendly and assistive towards any king is problems. Most of my purchases on computers, routers, security cameras, parts, accessories etc. are with NCW.

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