Welcome to National Computer World, your trusted dealer for Miracall products. Miracall is a leading manufacturer specializing in PBX systems, digital hybrid systems, and SIP IP-PBXs. Additionally, they offer tailored customer service solutions designed specifically for mid-to-large companies.

Why Choose Miracall through National Computer World in Nepal?

1. Cutting-Edge Communication Solutions:

  • Miracall stands out as a key player in manufacturing state-of-the-art PBX systems, digital hybrid systems, and SIP IP-PBXs.
  • Explore innovative communication solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses.

2. Customer Service Excellence:

  • Miracall is committed to enhancing customer service for mid-to-large companies.
  • Benefit from customer service solutions that are tailored to streamline operations and enhance client interactions.

3. National Computer World – Your Reliable Partner:

  • As a dealer for Miracall, National Computer World is dedicated to providing access to Miracall’s advanced communication and customer service solutions.
  • Explore our range of Miracall products, including PBX systems, digital hybrid systems, SIP IP-PBXs, and customized customer service solutions.
Contact us today to discover how Miracall and National Computer World can revolutionize your communication and customer service strategies. Elevate your business with Miracall’s cutting-edge solutions.

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