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In 1997, ABACUS launched ZION DRAM Modules in the Indian market. The objective was to redefine distribution and service standards in Indian market since all supplies arriving in the market were through unorganized sector. RAM modules being a surface mount technology based products unorganized distribution was leading to quality as well as service standards. ZION modules are manufactured in a state of the art SMT facility at its plant in Daman following ISO 9001: 2000 certification standards.  This lead to setting new standards of quality and reliability of RAM modules in the Indian market!
ZION is most preferred brand for all Indian PC manufacturers such as HCL, Wipro, Zenith, HP, LG, Sony and few others for use in their PC production. ZION has grown to be India’s largest selling RAM module brand with its headquarters in Mumbai with its presence across the country through a network of 22 branch offices distributing as well as providing after-sales support! ZION modules are available through a network of over 4000 distributors, resellers, and system integrators across the country.

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Zion Blaze DDR4, is designed for fiery speed and extreme gaming experience. It’s finely crafted aluminium heatspreader allows instant heat dissipation leaving behind a superior overclocking headroom. Built with the best quality IC’s and components each module is screened and tested for performance and effective cooling making it an ideal choice for professional gaming and rendering applications. Engineered for all available processing platforms, Zion Blaze DDR4 delivers highest speed at the lowest power consumption.

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The Zion Blaze RGB RAMs are designed for Gaming & RGB enthusiast. With more than 64 million hues and 10 mounted RGB diodes the Zion BLAZE RGB RAMs are a perfect combination of powerful performance and vibrant looks. The high light bar surface gives your PC the extra jazz you need. The pre over clocked RGB module is screened and tested to give you an unmatched performance across wide range of motherboards.

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