Welcome to National Computer World, your trusted dealer for MikroTik products. MikroTik is a Latvian company dedicated to developing cutting-edge routers and wireless ISP systems. With a global presence, MikroTik offers hardware and software solutions for internet connectivity in numerous countries worldwide.

Why Choose Mikrotik through National Computer World in Nepal?

1. Industry-Leading Products:

  • Routers: Explore our range of high-performance routers designed to meet diverse connectivity needs.
  • Wireless ISP Systems: Elevate your internet experience with MikroTik’s advanced wireless ISP systems.

2. Global Recognition and Distribution:

  • MikroTik’s hardware and software solutions are trusted for internet connectivity in numerous countries.
  • With extensive experience in industry-standard PC hardware and routing systems, MikroTik provides solutions that deliver stability, control, and flexibility.

3. Quality and Innovation:

  • MikroTik is synonymous with quality, efficiency, and innovation in the development of routers and wireless ISP systems.
  • The company’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions has made it a preferred choice for networking enthusiasts and professionals alike.

4. National Computer World – Your Trusted Partner:

  • As your authorized MikroTik dealer, National Computer World is dedicated to providing you with access to MikroTik’s premium products.
  • Explore our range of MikroTik offerings, including routers, wireless ISP systems, and more.
Contact us today to discover how MikroTik and National Computer World can revolutionize your networking experience. Boost your connectivity with MikroTik’s innovative products.

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